Tim Samuels

Tim Samuels has acquired more than 45,000 lots in his real estate and homebuilding career-a distinction that has earned him the nickname, "the Godfather of Land" among the leading national homebuilders across the Southeast. Known as a high-energy guy who always pushes hard to get across the line for a touchdown, Tim is the player who won't let a deal stall at the 50-yard line. He always sees the roadblocks, and quickly maneuvers through the maze of obstacles in what often is a lengthy land-acquisition process.

In 1995, Don Galloway, then the leading homebuilder in Charlotte, recruited Tim to manage his sales team. Within two years, he was promoted to Vice President of Sales and Land Acquisition. Tim took the company from selling 300 homes annually to more than 900 units. In 1999, Don Galloway Homes won "Builder of the Year" (Charlotte), and became Charlotte's top homebuilder based on sales, customer satisfaction and product quality.

In early 2002, Ryan Homes sought and recruited Tim to serve as General Manager of Land Acquisition to expand the company's Charlotte market. Over the next five years, Ryan grew from selling and closing 400 homes to 1,500 homes annually. In fact, the company grew so quickly that it was split into four divisions within the Charlotte region. Tim was responsible for Land Acquisition for all divisions. He established the land department and recruited and trained the land-acquisition team. In 2005, he became Market Land Manager and in 2010 he was promoted to Regional Land Market Manager.

In January 2020, Tim became Principal of V&T Realty with his wife Adriana. In conjunction with this, Tim also partnered with Buller River Development (BRD) in 2020. BRD is a limited partnership land development company with the mindset of continuous growth and land acquisition strategies throughout the Southeast United States.